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Marketplace connecting buyers with suppliers. The online channel focuses on providing a platform for buyers, who can be SMEs, large enterprises as well as individuals.

Buyers typically gain access to a wider marketplace; diverse portfolios of quality products to chose from and tap a one-stop-shop which caters to all their specific requirements, thereby aiding the discerning buyer make well-informed choices!

Let's Get The Job Done


Our suppliers are verified and highly experienced companies.


Having a hard time with any supplier, come to us and get it replaced.

Fair Prices

We believe in fair pricing for our customer. Call Us! to get best prices.

Instant Connections

Festivekart is a pioneer marketplace in providing high-quality, on-demand suppliers in major cities in . We ourselves do not offer these services, but help you reach out to the suppliers who perform a wide variety of products & services.

As soon as we get your requirements, those are sent to the suppliers in your area for quick fulfilment.

In case you are not happy with the services of the suppliers you have chosen to work with, you can always come back and get the contact of another supplier, rate the experience with the supplier.

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